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© Will You Dance, Dr. Annette Childs

Will You Dance was published by the Wandering Feather Press in 2002. It is a metaphoric story of loss, fear and life’s deepest challenges. Accompanied by exquisite original watercolors, Will You Dance tells the story of three hooded beings: Change, Loss and Fear, who eventually pay a visit to each of us. A beautifully crafted metaphor about hard transitions and the resiliency of the human spirit, this work has become a well-loved companion to those seeking meaning during difficult life experiences and has received critical acclaim.

Winner 2002 Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal

Recipient 2002 COVR Award for Best Visionary Fiction

Named INATS Best New Age Book, 2002

222 Full Color Pages, Hard Back, Padded Cover


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Lit from Within tells a story of inspiration and comfort that begins on the day of our birth and follows us through to the quiet days that come at journey’s end. It is a reminder of what we sometimes forget- that we are children of the Universe, and that we are here not just to exist, but to spread our wings and find our light.

Winner 2010 Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal

Full Color, Hard Bound Padded Cover, 128 pages


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© Lit From Within, Dr. Annette Childs
© Halfway Across the River, Dr. Annette Childs

Halfway Across the River was published by the Wandering Feather Press in 2007. It is a compilation of fascinating stories that detail Dr. Childs’s nearly twenty years of work with the dying. A true story centered around coffeehouse conversations between Dr. Childs and skeptical grieving widower Don Borwhat, Halfway Across the River chronicles the amazing afterlife encounter that turned Don’s world upside down and sent him on a journey of self transformation. The book describes Don’s evolution as he begins to expand his world view under the careful tutelage of Dr. Childs whom he has nicknamed the Godwoman. With humor, uncommon insight, and a gift for storytelling, author Dr. Childs reaches into her years of bedside experiences to help Don find his way in the expansive new world that befalls those who have experienced an afterlife encounter such as his.

Received Honorable Mention, Best Non-Fiction Work, 2008 London Book Festival

Finalist for the 2008 Eric Hoffer Excellence in Literature Award

Winner of 2009 Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal for New Age Book of the Year

Recipient of the 2009 Silver Nautilus Award


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© Soul Messenger, Dr. Annette Childs


The True Story of a Mystic,
a Guardian, anda Businessman   


Is it possible that our loved ones can communicate after they die? Are there ‘helpers’ on the other side who greet us at the time of death and help us to find our way just as a trusted friend or family member would in this world? Can our departed loved ones ‘check in’ on us, send us warnings, and perhaps even offer unsolicited advice? Find the answer to these questions and so much more within the pages of Soul Messenger.


Soul Messenger is a true story that details the miraculous after life encounters that have been part of Dr. Annette Childs’ nearly 25 year career working with the dying and the grieving. Annette has always walked between worlds and found her work with the dying to be a natural fit for her. However it was not until meeting the dying Margaret Borwhat that Dr. Childs would really begin to understand just how real and just how powerful our allies on the other side can be. Shortly after Margaret’s death, she began sending a series of inexplicable and unsolicited after death communications to her grieving (but non-believing) husband Don. Perplexed, intrigued, and not knowing what else to do, Don turned to Annette for help in understanding what was happening. What followed was a nearly five year shared journey between Don and Annette- one that left them both with no doubt that the afterlife is a very real place, and that those who have seemingly left this world, are never very far away.


Winner of the 2018 Silver Nautilus Award




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© Soul Messenger, Dr. Annette Childs


Soul Messengers Audible Sample

by Dr. Annette Childs, Narrated by Linda Mae Roper

Order the full audio version of this award winning book here. 

Soul Messengers: The True Story of a Mystic, a Guardian, and a Businessman


Doorways of Light: What the Dying See

This is a fascinating look into the world of the dying. With an artful blend of science and sacred story telling, Dr. Childs draws her listeners right to the bedside of the hundreds of real life encounters she has witnessed first hand at journey’s end.


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In the Blink of An Eye: The Comforting Truth About Sudden/Violent Death

By citing the compelling research of her friend and colleague Dr. Michael Sabom, this audio track offers information that can completely transform what we may believe sudden and/or violent death is like. This is necessary and often life changing information for anyone who has lost a loved one to violence of trauma.


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Graceful Passage: The Biology of Illness and Age

This necessary information examines end of life from the perspective that it is something that can be navigated gracefully rather than just endured. Suffering is often optional for those who are willing to inform themselves about the simple measures that anyone can take to decrease suffering and bring peace and meaning to end of life.


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The Measure of Our Days: Ethics and Grace in an Age of Medical Technology

Modern medicine has reached a point where technology can often insure quantity of days, when quality of life is not longer possible. This audio provides information to allow for more astute and informed decision making and encourages fore planning so that suffering can be minimized.


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Beyond the Veil: Understanding After Death Communications

Research indicates that more than 60% of the bereaved experience some form of after death communication from their decorated loved one. This audio program explores different types of communications, differentiating between a true after life encounter and pathological grief, and helps the listener to both normalize and learn to welcome this common part of the grieving process.


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Into the Light: The Near Death Experience

An excellent primer on a variety of aspects of near death experiences, current research on who has them, how they transform lives, and what they may tell us about death and the possibility of a world beyond.


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